A multipurpose bot for any community with many useful features & commands


They are fun minigames that you can play with your friends in voice channels. Currently you can play chess, checkers, YouTube Together, Poker Night and other fun games. To start one you must first join a voice channel then use the =activity yt command. (Please note that they are still in beta & only work on PC)


Make your community more active with levels & rewarding users when they reach a certain level (=rank-roles). Enable levelling by setting a level up notification with =lvlup-message. If you used MEE6 before you can sync levels: =transfer-mee6


Galactic has it's own currency: GalactiCoins. With them you can buy a custom rank card background and other cool things. Get started by checking out the available items: =shop Psssst! Claim some free GalactiCoins with =daily


Play fun games such as hangman, rock paper scissors, type racer & earn GalactiCoins!

Custom commands

Create unlimited custom commands with multiple random responses. For example a coin flip command: =custom-command add coin-flip heads | tails

... And much more!

With Galactic you can: log deleted images, set a welcome message with invite tracking, moderation, Member count channel, suggestion system, useful utilities, text & image generators, memes ...